Muzzé is a modern Georgian wine brand
Our team
Common goals and an overall spirit help us achieve
unique results
Templates are not for us.
Wine is an ocean for creativity
We work hard to improve
and develop premium wines
We do not identify ourselves with authentic wine production, focusing on emphasis, dynamism and the development of a culture of wine consumption in modern,
new Georgia
Our Values
Executive Director
Anna Kvaratskhelia
Anna stands at the brand's origins and is responsible for the development and scaling of the company. Under her leadership, Bernd Muzze carved a niche in the Georgian wine arena. Today, this company's wines are recognizable and loved by many residents of Georgia, and Anna continues to be the ideological inspirer of the company and opens up new frontiers

Company founder
Iosebi Jimsheladze
Muzze was founded in 2020 by a young businessman, Ioseb Jimsheladze. Before that, his family had been involved in winemaking for generations. After graduating from university, the young entrepreneur decided to transform the family business into a business. Thus, a line of premium wines was singled out, which was presented to the consumer under the name of Muzze. Ioseb's main goal was to breathe new life into the family business, as well as to develop wine tourism in Georgia, using not only traditional winemaking methods that were passed down in his family from generation to generation, but also to bring something of his own, new to the processes of winemaking. Today, novelty and European spirit are the hallmarks of both the company and the products that Muzze creates
Wine is a unique drink, we strive to reveal its new facets and give unforgettable emotions to those who choose Muzzé
The activity of our company is aimed at Improving the aesthetic quality of people's lives through wine culture
Our mission

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